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ART23 is running a online-shop

The gallery is running a online-shop for the first time. The shop offers a great assortment of oilpainting via internet. The customers can order online and they become the drawings delivered to their favored adress a few days later.If the drawings don't favour, they can send it back to the gallery. Contact persons in the gallery give you all times free consulting. New in the gallery offer is the naive painting. A popular genre in the 1980s. It's not possible to become originals on the free art market. ART23 hold a fund of high quality.

ART23 established a bank in Mainz.

The gallery has established the North Channel Bank in Mainz with abstract painting. The two great meeting rooms was appointed with large-sized works. The rooms has thereby a new appearance.

ART23 has worldwide the exclusive commercialisation right of the new genre "Jordalismus".

The gallery is be pleased about the exclusive commercialisation right . Jordalismus is a completely new painting way of the fine arts. This painting will be revolutionise the market. Later more about it. You can now be pleased for it.

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