Terms and conditions

1. Scope

1.1 The terms and conditions apply for the whole business relationship between the customer and the gallery ART23 (following "ART23" named) for conclusion any sale contract. All wordings in male chauvinism obtain likewise of persons both sexes.
1.2 Alongside apply for single business relationship special terms and conditions that includes variations or additions. This special business relationships will be appointed during the conclusion of the aggreement with the customer.

2. Cooperation obligation of the customer

2.1 The customer is obligated to provide ART23 all informations (name and contact details) which are importance for the fulfillment of the aggreement, timely.
2.2 The customer has review statements and other informations from ART23 immediately. He has possible objections immediately to reject.

3. EMail-address

3.1 For the correct and timely execution all formality it is required that the customer disclose his EMail-adress during the online-buying - if there is no other agreement appointed.
3.2 The EMail-communication can do uncoded.
3.3 The customer make sure that the EMail-adress is protected for unauthorised third parties.

4. Privacy

ART23 consider the legal provisions about the privacy. The customer-data are saved for the §28 BDSG (german data protection act).

5. Rights abourt text and graphical material

5.1 The electronic or printed text and graphical material be only for the private use for the customer.
5.2 All rights reserved by ART23 if there is no other agreement.
5.3 The costumer commit oneself that he will not be passed the text and graphical material on to third parties or in other manner to use and that he doesn't injure the intellectual property rights.

6. Disruption

ART23 doesn't vouch for damages by act of god, uproar, war-occasions, natural phenomenons or other occurences which ART23 doesn't has to substitude (such as traffic block, strike, lockout, instruction of higher authority).

7. Liability by default of the customer

Has the costumer constitutes any damage with negligence it certains like the convention of the contributory negligence in which scope ART23 and the costumer will be comprice the damage.

8. Instructions of cancellation

In case you have completed a agreement for sale with ART23 that is neither your industrial or self-employed activities to be assigned apply for you as consumer the following regulations (like the german law "Bundesgesetzbuch" BGB §13):

Right of rescission: You can revoked your contractual statement without specification of reasons in text form (such as letter, EMail) within 14 days. The deadline begins after receipt this indoctrination however not bevor the agreement for sale is completed and also not bevor the completion our reporting requirement according to §312g paragraph 1 set 1 BGB in conjunction with articel 246 §3 EGBGB. For the observation of the revocation the timely posting of the revocation is enough. The revoation is sending to: ART23, Marienbaderstrasse 9a, 64579 Gernsheim, EMail: art23@art23.de. The revocation can also send by the contact form at the ART23-website.

Consequences of the revocation:In the case of a effective revocation to reimburse amounts each party has received and executed utilisations (e.g. interest) be returnable. If you can't give us the received achievement back or only partial back or in a bad state you must pay compensation for the value. This can intended to that you must achieve the contractual obligation to pay for the period untel the revocation. Liabilities für the reimbursement for payments have to fulfilled within 30 days. The deadline starts with your despatch or your cancellation request and for us with whose arrival.

Special references: Your right of rescission expires early when the agreement for sale is from both side completely fulfilled at explicit request from you, bevor you execute your right of rescission.

End of revocation rights information.

9. Changes

9.1 Modifications of the terms and conditions or the special terms and conditions will be the customer in written form disclose.
9.2 Changes of the terms and conditions obtain as allowed when the costumer don't answer in written form. The discrepancy must during 6 weeks after announcement of the modification be carried out.

10.Written form

10.1 It exists no collateral agreements. Collateral agreements requires the written form.
10.2 Changes, supplements and the cancellation of the agreement for sale require the written form for obtainment of effectivenes. This is true for the change of this written-form clause.

11. Importance german law

For the business relationship between the customer and ART23 is the german law true.

12. Place of fulfillment

Place of performance is Groß-Gerau.

13. Jurisdiction

Is the customer a businessman, a legal entity or a legal entity under public law is the place of judisdiction for all conflicts Groß-Gerau.

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